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Value Added Assemblies

Roadmap to Capabilities

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Value-added assemblies include simple wired piezoceramic to complex actuators and electronic assemblies. Sensors and sonar transducers, are some of Exelis Acoustic Systems specialties.

Oil and Natural Gas

Exelis Acoustic Systems takes pride in providing robust components for harsh environments. Our extensive engineering capability continues to provide successful components used in the most demanding environments that lie beneath the earth's surface and down to the ocean floor. Products provided to the industry include sensors, stacked actuators, and ceramic elements that are used in many areas and applications such as down-hole tools, seismic components, acoustic monitoring, and test transducers.

Medical Applications

Piezoelectric ceramics are the critical components of numerous medical devices. We use our expertise to design and manufacture ultrasonic sensing, monitoring and therapeutic products. Our engineering and development can provide improvement for existing assemblies and high quality new products. Products provided to the medical industry include: piezoceramic components and complete assemblies used in: air bubble detectors, ultrasonic therapeutic handpieces, surgical devices and cardiovascular devices. 

Safety and Protection

Exelis Acoustic Systems provides products that ensure the well being of emergency personnel, military service personnel, and harbor surveillance activity. Our full range of products and engineering expertise are applied because nothing short of success is expected. Areas of use include emergency response components, diver detection, and sonar object detection. 

Bending Elements

Bending elements are small electromechanical actuators or sensors. Bending elements are also known as mono-morphs and bi-morphs. Actuators produce controlled movement when power is supplied to the bending element. The reciprocal of the actuator is a sensor. When vibration or movement is present at the bending element, it will produce a voltage that is used for monitoring. Bending elements are used in an array of applications including micro positioning, optical switching, valves, medical devices and energy harvesting.
Exelis offers engineered designs to complement new product designs and special applications. Please view the Exelis bending element data sheet for your design concepts.  

Stacked Actuators

Stacked actuators are the answer for precision high force micro movement. Exelis Acoustic Systems is the industry leader for robust designs and reliable products that will provide service for many years. Stacked actuators are capable of forces beyond 6,000 newtons and displacement values to 120 µm. Achievable positioning capability is measured in the picometer scale. Industries using stacked actuators include down-hole oil well tooling, rotor craft stabilization, interferometric measuring systems, atomic force microscope positioning, non-destructive testing, and integrated circuit cutting equipment.
Exelis Acoustic Systems offers engineered designs for the most robust and demanding service applications.
Stacked actuators are also known as actuators, layered stacks, and ceramic actuators.


Piezoelectric microactuators provide solid state motion and sensing on a very small scale at low cost.
This makes them ideal for micro positioning and acoustic and impact sensors. Low profile tubes are ideal for dense channel packaging where 50 nm/V channel positioning accuracy is required.
Microactuator arrays can provide multipoint precision movement, fiber optic switching, laser mirror control, fiber optic light path modulation and many ultrasonic imaging applications. We can engineer specific configurations to meet customer requirements.


Sensors are used for detection of vibration, sonar threats, mechanical motion, and audible tones. Exelis Acoustic Systems has provided solutions for sensing requirements for more than 50 years. Sensors using piezoelectric technology offer wide ranging and robust applications for the most demanding needs and applications. Areas of use are fuel or fluid presence, vibration, fluid and air acoustics, pressure, high and low force shock events, seismic and geographical.
Types of sensors using piezoelectric ceramic may be as simple as a monolithic block to fully engineered arrays capable of use on the ocean floor.
Sensors include hydrophones, accelerometers, and multi-axis sensors.


Transducers include hydrophones and sound sources for sonar applications. Exelis Acoustic Systems has been a supplier of sonar transducers for more than 50 years. Our transducers are engineered for life and provide reliability unsurpassed in the industry. Exelis transducers are used in commercial, industrial, military and medical applications on board ships, submarines, trawlers, hydroelectric facilities, harbor surveillance, diver detection, and fishery research.
Exelis offers engineered designs to complement new product designs and special applications. Contact us with your needs and application requirements.
Transducers are also known as sensors, hydrophones, arrays, projectors, sound sources, transmitters, transponders, sonars, receivers, flextensionals, and pingers.
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