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Sonar and Acoustic Systems

Roadmap to Capabilities

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For more than 50 years, Exelis Acoustic Systems has met the U.S. Navy’s requirements for naval underwater acoustic transducers, arrays and systems for communication and navigation sonars.

Exelis Acoustic Systems brings unique personnel teams and a world-class facility with the complete design, engineering, manufacturing, test and field service capability to successfully address underwater acoustic program needs.

Transducers and arrays developed and produced at Exelis Acoustic Systems include a wide range of submarine and surface ship applications for passive and active anti-submarine warfare (ASW), ASW training, underwater communications, and depth sounding. Platforms equipped with Exelis systems include all U.S. Navy submarines, international diesel and electric submarines, and numerous world navies' surface combatants.

Depth Sounders

U.S. and allied navies worldwide rely on Exelis Acoustic Systems to provide precise and dependable depth sounding sonars for safe navigation.

The depth sounder transducer's return signal describes the depth and contour of the sea bottom as a graphic display and as digital information. Exelis Acoustic Systems has supplied all of the U.S. Navy's standard AN/UQN-4A depth sounders and AN/BQN-17A depth sounders, a rugged commercial-off-the-shelf depth sounder with stealth features for the U.S. Submarine Force.

Exelis Acoustic Systems depth sounders benefit from our technological edge and long experience as a leader in meeting customer specifications for sonar transducers and arrays, and for navigation and communication sonars that meet military requirements.

Transducer Arrays

Arrays of transducers greatly enhance the signal generating and data gathering capabilities of a vessel.

Exelis Acoustic Systems has led the industry in supporting Navy programs requiring innovative designs, improved reliability and towed array and hull-mounted array sensors. Exelis Acoustic Systems program involvement includes: wide aperture array, SQR-19 and TB-29A towed arrays, Multi-Function Towed Array (MFTA), depth sounders and underwater communications.

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