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Piezoceramic & Assembled Applications

Roadmap to Capabilities

C4ISR  >  Piezoelectrics  >  Piezoceramic & Assembled Applications

Our vertically integrated facility and industry leading technical staff can provide engineered solutions for your applications.
Commercial Applications Include:
  • Ultrasonic cleaners and welders
  • Commercial sonar devices
  • Sonar and acoustic sensors
  • Medical ultrasound and therapy
  • Geophysical sensing and mapping
  • Micro-positioning
  • Precursor powders
  • High dielectric applications
  • Medical implantable devices
Systems for the U.S. Navy Include::
  • Active and passive sonobuoys
  • High and low frequency sonar systems
  • Torpedo sensors
  • Depth and up sounding sonar systems
  • Towed array hydrophones
  • Wide aperture arrays
  • 1-3 composites
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