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Piezoceramic & Assembled Applications

Roadmap to Capabilities

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Our vertically integrated facility and industry leading technical staff can provide engineered solutions for your applications.
Commercial Applications Include:
  • Ultrasonic cleaners and welders
  • Commercial sonar devices
  • Sonar and acoustic sensors
  • Medical ultrasound and therapy
  • Geophysical sensing and mapping
  • Micro-positioning
  • Precursor powders
  • High dielectric applications
  • Medical implantable devices
Systems for the U.S. Navy Include::
  • Active and passive sonobuoys
  • High and low frequency sonar systems
  • Torpedo sensors
  • Depth and up sounding sonar systems
  • Towed array hydrophones
  • Wide aperture arrays
  • 1-3 composites

View the following Data Sheets:
6.5kHz  Projector and Receiver
12kHz Fathometer Transducer
Air Bubble and Liquid Flow Detection Transducers
Airbacked Hydrophone low frequency
Directional Communications Transducer
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Omni Directional  Communications Transducer
Piezoelectric Bending Elements

Piezoelectric Ceramic Electromechanical Properties
Piezo Ceramics and Material Specification Catalog
Pressure Compensated Low Frequency Hydrophone

Spherical Projector and Receiver Transducers


Business Development Contact:
Roger B. Nessen

+1 801.461.9448

Russ Petrucci
+1 801.461.9300

Radar, Reconnaissance and Undersea Systems
2645 S. 300 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Media Contact:

Paul Propster​
+1 801.205.5425

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