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Transition Switch Module (TSM)

The TSM provides the functionality of multiple systems in a transit cased configuration for deployed forces local and remote subscriber access, circuit switching and multiplexing, a call service attendant, transmission multiplexing, transmission security and a manual patching capability.

The TSM is a flexible switch capability to transition between legacy TRI-TAC switches and current commercial technology. The TSM supports three major functions consisting of the The Transition Switch Module provides deployed Marines with mobile deployable voice, data and video communications. Deployable End Office Suite (DEOS, AN/TTC-62), the Remote Subscriber Access Module (RSAM, AN/TTC-63) and the Deployable Integrated Transport Suite (DITS, AN/TTQ-5). The DEOS provides voice circuit switching, subscriber access and call service attendant capabilities. The RSAM provides the capability to extend telephone and dial-up data services to remote subscribers. The DITS is employed in conjunction with a DEOS to provide bandwidth management, multiplexing and technical control functions.

The TSM enables multiple communications capabilities and enhances flexibility.

  • Defense Switch Network (DSN)
  • Data, video and voice capable
  • Universal power to include DC Input via a NATO slave receptacle
  • Universal wiring in DEOS 1 and 2: Installing additional cards requires no engineering and cabling
  • DEOS is stackable: Add another shelf as required, up to eight shelves


View the Transition Switch Module data sheet.



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