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C4ISR  >  Networked Communications Systems  >  SideHat®

The Exelis SideHat is a simple radio solution that quickly attaches to existing SINCGARS radio installations, offering rapid, affordable and interoperable wideband network communications for Early Infantry Brigade Combat Team (E-IBCT) deployments and other SRW applications.

Using SideHat, mounted and dismounted Soldiers can exchange vital voice and data (including video and position location information) simultaneously in real time. SideHat enables a more accurate picture of the battlefield, fratricide avoidance and battle command on-the-move.

SideHat is NSA Certified.



  • Frequency Range:
    • UHF 225-450 MHz
    • L-Band 1250-1390 and 1710-1850 MHz
  • Programmable Tx Power: 23.4W-UHF, 28.0W L-Band
  • Input Power: 20-36v (28V nominal)
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs
  • Size: 172 in³ (3.41 in tall x 5.24 in wide x 9.63 in long)


  • Compliance: Certified as SCA 2.2.2 compliant (with zero waivers) and JTRS standard API compliant
  • Voice: Combat Net Radio (CNR)
  • Automatic Position Reporting GPS: External SAASM via RT-1523
  • Human Machine Interface: Local function switch and RT-1523 keypad/display
  • Monitoring: Via RT-1523 keypad/display
  • Operational Configurations: Vehicular and dismounted
  • Presets: 64 mission presets
  • Network Scalable: Provides full SRW scalability featuring Tier 1A/1B gateway
  • Network Manager: JTRS Enterprise Network Manager (JENM)
  • Security: Embedded AARIS-457
  • Classification Levels: Secret and below (NSA Certified)

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: -40ºC to +55ºC
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Rain: 1.8 in/hr. and 40 mph
  • Immersion: 1 meter, 30 minutes
  • Shock: 3 ft drop, ballistic shock
  • Vehicular Mounting:
    • Provides up to two SRW channels per SINCGARS VAA
    • Fully interoperable with JTRS SRW radios


  • Data: Ethernet, RS-232
  • Control: USB
  • Audio: Via vehicle Intercom, optional local headset or handset
  • Antenna: 50 Ohm TNC, UHF, L-Band, (multiband optional)
  • Rotary Function Switch: Operate, Zeroize, Admin
  • Front panel LED Indicators: Power and security
  • Display and Keypad: Via RT-1523 front panel
  • Power:
    • Vehicular - mounted operations
    • External battery - dismounted operations


  • Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW): Version All modes including EW, CC and all domains, including SS and Teleops


View the SideHat data sheet.



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