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Satellite Communications

Exelis Satellite Communications specializes in designing and implementing turn-key SATCOM solutions. Our solutions select and integrate the best value COTS products to meet the customer’s needs. Our services extend beyond production, integration, installation and testing.

Earth Station Development

Whether you need a large fixed strategic earth station or smaller transportable terminals, Exelis can define an end-to-end architecture which satisfies all requirements. We can also collaborate with the customer and present alternatives which optimize operational results while minimizing costs. Our expertise encompasses:

  • C, X, Ku, Ka, EHF band transmit/receive with L-Band conversion
  • Commercial certifications (INTELSAT/EUTELSAT)
  • Military certifications (DSCS, IWS and MILSTAR)
  • Dual-band high performance feed
  • Secure voice communication
  • 1 GHz Bandwidth, 60 dB dynamic range, fiber optic inter-facility link
  • Expert selection of cutting edge COTS technology
  • Commercial through fully-classified development

Systems Integration and Production

You can literally drive a semi in one side and out the other side of our bonded, CMMI Level-3, ISO 9001 certified facility. This 55,000 square foot high bay allows for complete system integration at one site before shipping to the field. In order to ensure the successful implementation of our SATCOM systems, Exelis has developed core capabilities in:

  • Tailored interface development for COTS hardware/software
  • Large scale platform integration
  • Multi-product line production
  • Specialty cable design and production
  • Custom chassis construction
  • In-house environmental, mechanical, and electrical factory testing

Operations and Maintenance

Exelis does not limit our support to just our own SATCOM systems. We provide O&M services to most of the deployed U.S. Army SATCOM infrastructure to include:

  • Refresher training
  • Communications analysis
  • Security administration
  • Software maintenance
  • 24/7 operations support
  • Center modernization
  • Hardware systems management

Installation and Test

We support all implementation activities required to bring a new system or an upgrade to an existing system on-line.

  • Site planning/preparation
  • Construction management
  • Facility refurbishment
  • Antenna and hardware installation
  • EMI/EMC testing
  • System acceptance testing and checkout

Satellite Control Systems

Because the efficiency of any SATCOM system requires control, Exelis can provide:

  • Payload control elements
  • Link monitoring and control
    • Spectrum monitoring
    • Uplink power control
    • Positive control of user access

Satellite Defense Systems

Confidence in the security of your communication is paramount, Exelis can:

  • Monitor and report evidence of attack against space systems
  • Near real time EMI interference detection characterization
  • Geo-location
  • C, X and Ku Communications Satellite status reporting

Logistics and Training

Exelis can provide the full range of logistics support for any system we deploy.

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)
  • Computer-Based Interactive Training (CBIT)
  • Classroom and hands-on training
  • Spares and provisioning
  • Technical documentation
  • Configuration and data management
  • Reliability, availability, and maintainability analysis
  • Packing, handling, storage, and transportation

Depot Support

Our Depot has been extending the operating life of SATCOM equipment beyond plan for decades. Our unique expertise bridges old technology with new, which enables:

  • Repair and overhaul
  • Reverse engineering
  • Service life extension
  • Obsolescence redesign
  • Test equipment support and calibration
  • Equipment disposal
  • On-site depot maintenance
  • Warranty tracking


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