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SMART-S Mk2 Radar

​Through an innovative technology transfer and licensed production agreement with Thales, Exelis maintains the exclusive U.S. and FMS marketing and production rights to this highly capable three-dimensional defense surveillance radar. This compact radar system is a perfect match for the emerging class of littoral ships. This radar has been very favorably evaluated by the U.S. Navy as a viable system for the Littoral Combat Ship.

The SMART-S Mk2 is an Off-The-Shelf, 3D, long range, S-band radar with integrated Identification Friend or Foe (IFF). A multibeam radar with a modularized, solid state transmit/receive array, the SMART-S Mk2 is designed around standard interfaces, and its fully digital waveform generation and processing are hosted on scalable commodity off-the-shelf signal processing equipment.

The SMART-S Mk2 design is ideal for a small (single radar) ship operating in the littoral environment and is produced with advanced 21st century radar technology; capable of deriving and displaying quantitative, militarily actionable information to support littoral-zone warfare missions—from deep to shallow water—detection, fast accurate location, and characterization of even stealthy or intrinsically low-contrast targets.

The SMART-S Mk2 has a highly parallel architecture and is built with solid state components. This architecture allows for graceful degradation; the need to replace antenna LRUs at sea is greatly reduced, replacement can be postponed until the ship is in the harbor.



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