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SINCGARS Embedded GPS Receiver

The Exelis Selective Availability Antispoofing Module (SAASM) technology Embedded GPS Receiver (EGR) installed in the SINCGARS RT-1523(E)-(F) provides a unique navigation/ communication secure system in support of critical Warfighter capabilities that includes Situational Awareness, Combat ID, Navigation and Timing and Surveying Capabilities.

The EGR offers the Warfighter an integrated solution for all position, navigation and timing mission needs in vehicles and dismounts which use the Exelis SINCGARS tactical radios. With a simple drop-in design, the EGR-enabled SINCGARS is operational within minutes of installation. This efficient system eliminates the need for additional cables, mounts, and stand-alone Line Replaceable Units (LRU) taking up real estate within the platform.

The EGR offers a simple plug-and-play installation within the SINCGARS radio, with both the EGR and integrated EGR/ SINCGARS system fully certified and ready for fielding. EGR is supported by the existing SINCGARS logistics infrastructure, offering a best value in terms of total lifecycle cost for an integrated SAASM and communication system.


  • Small, lightweight, convenient, multipurpose SAASM application card
  • High adaptability to high volume requirements
  • SAASM compliant
  • Dual-frequency, L1, L2, All-In-View
  • 12 channels simultaneous/continuous
  • Serial ports: RS422, RS232, CMOS (2)
  • Selectable 1 pps; 10 pps, time marks, UTC
  • One pps time-sync
  • ICD-GPS-060 PTTI and Have Quick
  • Message structure protocol: ICD GPS 153B
  • Low power, 3.3 volt technology
  • Supports key loading via standard KYK-13 and KOI-18 protocols
  • Jamming tolerant
  • Software reprogrammable
  • Custom form factors possible


  • Accuracy
  • PPS position accuracy: 10 m, SEP
  • Navigation
  • Altitude: -700 to 25,000 m
  • Time: < 50 nsec
  • TTFF: < 40 s (95%) Warm Start


View the SINCGARS Embedded GPS Receiver data sheet.



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