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Precision Optics

Exelis provides a wide range of optic solutions for various industries, including aerospace, astronomy, and microlithography.  We manufacture and deliver a full range of precision optics and optical systems to include mirrors, mounts and metering structures for ground, sea, air and space-based platforms and systems.

With a 100 percent success rate, our facilities, processes, and people are unmatched in delivering high precision large optics to meet all customer requirements. Exelis provides a full range of service offerings from design to development, integration and testing , supporting products and unique customer requisites.


Exelis offers high-precision optical products meeting the most rigorous customer requirements including swift construction, affordability and supreme quality. Exelis can develop components separately or as assembled components for a complete optical system. From design and engineering, to precision optics manufacture, testing, and system integration, we can provide solutions for most needs. Exelis specialize in large precision optics (16 inches or larger). We manufacture small to large optical flats for ground-based laser fusion programs, medium and large off-axis aspheric mirrors for orbiting telescopes, and a varying size range of spherical and aspherical mirrors for ground based telescopes.

Expertise and Capabilities

Exelis utilizes proven processes to manufacture high-quality optics for our commercial and government customers. We have a long and credible heritage of delivering best-in-class quality optics. The ability to both fabricate mirror blanks and finish demanding optics to the tolerances required for today's fast optical systems gives Exelis the end-to-end knowledge required to meet our customers' needs.

Business Development Contact:
Lynn Allen
800 Lee Road, B601
Rochester, New York 14606

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