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Roadmap to Capabilities

C4ISR  >  Ground Electronic Warfare  >  JCREW I1B1
C4ISR  >  Electronic Warfare Systems  >  JCREW I1B1

Provide next generation mounted, dismounted, and fixed site countermeasures against the future global Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) threat and Future threats in a System of Systems networking and operational environment.


  • Program of Record that will address the future projected global RCIED threat
  • Open architecture and net-centricity across System of Systems
    • Coordinate CONOPS
    • Maximize commonality, ensure electromagnetic compatibility, and minimize interference
    • Ease of support
    • Rapid configuration update
    • Improved command, control and spectral awareness including: situational awareness, spectral mapping, direction finding & geo-location and Signal Assessment (SAS)
  • Tech Insert/Refresh to stay ahead of the threat


  • Based on an open architecture & upgradable approach incorporating modularity and improved programmability and life cycle support
  • Will not require new or unique communications systems
  • Will provide U.S. Forces complete electromagnetic spectrum superiority

Will facilitate:

  • Remote loading
  • Mission representative Command and Control (C2) to achieve mutually supportive or cooperative JCREW operations
  • Dissemination and use of JCREW-controlled signal data
  • Interoperability and compatibility with friendly force systems that use the same or nearly the same portions of the electromagnetic spectrum



Jeramie Fitzgerald
+1 703.996.1606

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