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Imaging Subsystems

If you are looking to capture and process high-quality panchromatic, multi-spectral or hyper-spectral imagery in your next air or spaceborne remote sensing system, talk to the imaging specialists at Exelis.

Our subsystems include:

  • Design and fabrication of space-qualified focal plane sensors for capture of high quality Earth imagery.
  • Design of the processors and electronics that digitize and compress the imagery.
  • Test and verification of all processing components.
  • Integration of the system, and qualification of your payload.
  • Delivering the desired performance on a fixed price and schedule.

Our Sensors:

Multi-Spectral Sensors

Exelis makes flight-qualified multi-spectral sensors featuring four thematic mapper bands on a single chip. Each multi-line chip features up to 7,000 pixels per spectral band (14,000 panchromatic). We are developing hyper-spectral hardware technology with hundreds of spectral bands. And Exelis integrates multiple charge-coupled device (CCD) chips, precisely aligned on a stable substrate, to create very large focal planes for large area coverage.

Our Sensor Technology

Exelis space-qualified sensors feature charge-couple device technology to convert light to discrete electronic charges within each pixel. Our ASIC signal processors condition the analog signal, and digitize the voltage based on the light intensity that hits each pixel. Finally, our data management subsystem compresses the data for fast transmission to ground while preserving resolution and image information.

Our Focal Plane History

Breakthrough innovations like ASET are grounded in years of solid experience in both the government and commercial sectors. Exelis space-based focal plane heritage includes:

  • Imaging payload for DigitalGlobe's QuickBird satellite.
  • Complete camera payload for IKONOS 1, Space Imaging EOSAT's sub-meter resolution imaging satellite, including focal plane, electronics, optics and integration.
  • Focal plane and signal processing electronics on the Tier II Plus UAV.
  • CCD imagers for the Mars rover, NASA's 1997 Pathfinder mission to Mars.



Pat O'Shaughnessy
400 Initiative Drive
Rochester, NY 14606
+1 585.269.5763 (voice)