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smart sensing: see weather differently

There are not enough accurate, timely weather observations to adequately identify and monitor severe and threatening weather at a hyperlocal scale. This void results in significant impacts to life, property, and productivity. For example: Every year, the US averages 1.5 million weather related accidents, resulting in approximately:
  • 700,000 injuries
  • 7000 deaths
  • $42B in economic costs 
With over 45 years of expertise, Exelis leads the market in weather intelligence and image science.  Helios merges these capabilities, enabling users to save time, money, property, and even lives.

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Advancing real-time, hyperlocal weather detection and monitoring

Across the United States, tens of thousands of cameras monitor outdoor conditions, traffic flow, facility security, railroad property and other activities. Helios
  • Aggregates a nationwide network of thousands of these disparate cameras for real-time weather monitoring
  • Analyzes images from these cameras to detect and track current and changing weather
  • Informs users of severe weather and threatening conditions at a hyperlocal scale.
The applications for Helios extend to virtually any enterprise affected by or needing to respond to weather events, including:
• Broadcast weather outlets and other digital media
• Enterprise logistics and supply chain management
• Disaster planning and emergency response
Helios provides real-time, hyperlocal weather information and analytics by applying Exelis image science to an aggregated network of thousands of cameras across the US, adding value to users' products and services, enabling product differentiation to save time, money, property and even lives.
Helios is available to customers via API, for ingestion into their own platform, or as a web interface, with responsive design to scale from PC to mobile device.
Brian Bell
303 546 4208
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