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GPS Operational Control Segment (OCX)

Civilians plan for a weekend sailing trip, pilots plan missions based on weather-related data, emergency responders create plans based on timely information, and motorists schedule trips to arrive safely. Now, military and civilian customers will carry through on their plans with improved accuracy and security from Exelis as part of the winning GPS OCX team. This successful win reinforces the Exelis reputation as the partner of choice for total navigation solutions.

Time and time again Exelis maintains a position of partnership. Since 1974, we have built systems for every U.S. GPS payload, proving our experience and continued commitment to adapting to evolving technologies. In December, 2007, the U.S. Air Force's GPS Wing selected Exelis to prepare the system design and prototype for Phase A. Innovative technology and on-schedule delivery keeps our presence first and foremost in the GPS marketplace.

Exelis will move forward developing the Phase B technology for the key navigation components of the control segment. The control segment consists of a Master Control Station (MCS), a backup MCS, seventeen dedicated monitor stations, and four ground antennas.

Exelis will apply the experience and successful performance from the space and user segments to the control segment. Our programs have included GPS Blocks I, II, IIA; IIR, IIR-M, IIF and GPS III 
  • Exelis is part of the Raytheon team
  • Exelis will bring new anti-jamming technologies
  • Exelis has been on every U.S. GPS payload with 100% mission success
  • Exelis has over 35 years of experience

  • Business Development Contact
    Joe Rolli
    77 River Road
    Clifton, NJ 07014
    +1 973 284 2353

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