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The Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed our world, providing instantaneous directions and easy-to-use electronic maps for users around the world. Now there's a next-generation GPS on the way, and this new GPS will provide even greater accuracy and more reliable navigation services.
Exelis Geospatial Systems is proud to be part of the Lockheed Martin team that is developing and building tomorrow's Global Positioning System. The contract for the advanced GPS Space Segment program, known as GPS III, was awarded by the U.S. Air Force in May 2008.
Exelis will develop and integrate the navigation payloads for GPS III, a function Exelis also performed for earlier GPS satellites. The project team will produce eight GPS IIIA satellites.
GPS III will provide superior system security, greater accuracy and even better reliability for military and civilian users worldwide. Enhanced performance is expected from a boost in transmitter power. When fully deployed, the GPS III satellites will feature a command and control architecture that allows simultaneous updating of the entire constellation of satellites from a single ground station.
Business Development Contact:
Joe Rolli
77 River Road
Clifton, NJ 070​14
+1 973 284 2353

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