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Roadmap to Capabilities

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Exelis has built every imager and sounder onboard the GOES satellite series (15 completed to date). GOES has enabled  "earth synchronous' meteorolgical observation. By continuously surveying a particular area such as the East Coast of the US and Caribbean, GOES has become the backbone for the U.S. civil early warning weather system.  Multispectral sensing with increased sensitivity provides GOES with the capability to detect temperature fluctuations and variation in low-level moisture; track hurricanes from their inception as tropical storms; track tornadoes and other severe storms; and alert residents as high-velocity winds approach land. In compiling such data, meteorologists are able to issue warnings and advisories long before they take their effect.


Today, Exelis innovations have lead to the successful design of the GOES-R Imager for the next generation GOES-R satellite scheduled to launch in early 2016.

The GOES-R Imager will be a mission critical payload on GOES-R, providing over 65% of all the mission data products currently defined. Its advanced design will provide users with twice the spatial resolution, six times the scan rate, and more than three times the number of spectral channels compared to the current GOES imager. These improvements will allow tomorrow's meteorologists and climatologists to significantly improve the accuracy of their products, both in forecasting and nowcasting.

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