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Roadmap to Capabilities

The Exelis Symphony® application suite is a comprehensive, integrated airport and airline operations management platform that provides key business functions such as surface, revenue and environmental compliance management. Symphony is a secure, web-based application that runs off of reliable tracking data from the Exelis surveillance technologies. Because it uses a single source of air traffic control quality data, Symphony replaces multiple, incomplete, disparate software applications to reduce IT costs and streamline operations. Essential to improving every facet of airline, fleet management and airport operation, Symphony delivers an unprecedented level of collaborative decision making and operational efficiency.

Symphony FleetAssetVue is a module within the Symphony application suite and provides a premium service for accurately knowing in real-time where your flight assets are located. Symphony FleetAssetVue supplies the most comprehensive data set available for flight asset tracking, a flexible approach for data delivery, an optional feature-rich visualization application, and competitive pricing.


Symphony FleetAssetVue is based on a synthesis of all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic surveillance data available in the U.S. national airspace system. The sources of our data consist of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) data derived directly from the U.S. national ADS-B network being deployed by Exelis; FAA en route and terminal secondary surveillance; data, airport surface surveillance data from FAA Airport Surface Detection Equipment – X Band (ASDE-X); and Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) from FAA deployed WAM systems. For qualified users the data set available is real-time and updating at input sensor update rates providing unprecedented fleet awareness accuracy.


Flexible Data Delivery: Subscribers to Symphony FleetAssetVue can receive data on the fleet to be tracked either as raw data delivered in an XML data stream via internet secure socket connections or through the Symphony FleetAssetVue visualization application described below.

Data Visualization: As an optional offering, Symphony FleetAssetVue users can be provided access to our web-based data visualization application. This application is a thin client, web-based application offering, pan/zoom capability; multiple views to include satellite, maps, charts and elevation; multiple overlays to include significant boundaries (e.g. ARTCC, state) runways, air routes, navigation aids and selected airport layouts; flexible display options; and color coding of flight objects. Additional important data visualization application capabilities include saved views and historical playback.

Minimum system requirements:
  • 2.0 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 256 MB Video Card
  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher<.li>
  • Java 6.0 or later version
  • Broadband download speeds of 1.0Mbps.


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