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Centaur® Enhanced High Capacity Data Radio

The Exelis Enhanced High Capacity Data Radio (EnHCDR™) builds on the battle proven networking heritage of HCDR and offers an 8-fold increase in user data throughput using the latest waveform technology.

EnHCDR provides a wide area network ensuring secure seamless connectivity, giving high bandwidth data services to commanders on mobile platforms and forward operating bases.

Advanced ad hoc networking protocols supports minimal management, fast network configuration and reliable communications in harsh environments.

Embedded backbone communications services from main command down to the most forward operating bases avoids the need for vulnerable static communications infrastructure.

The EnHCDR is the most capable radio of its kind creating a communications backbone for messaging, internet and situation awareness applications to support mission-critical on the move operations.

  • self-forming
  • self-healing
  • self-managing
  • highly flexible
  • highly scalable to networks of more than 120 nodes
  • highly spectrally efficient
  • highly energy efficient
  • highly resistant to the Doppler and multi-path common effects of mobility


Planning is straight-forward, large networks can be deployed allowing the radio’s sophisticated algorithms to optimise the network for the resulting topology and mobility. The radio has minimal user input reducing the work load on the operator and minimising training requirements.

EnHCDR includes both wideband and narrowband modes enabling optimum use of available RF spectrum.

EnHCDR is reliable and robust, working in the most demanding conditions.

EnHCDR Overview:

  • Built on mature and proven HCDR technology
  • Backbone for data tactical communications system
  • Intelligent, self-managing ad-hoc network supports up to 240 nodes simultaneously
  • Mobile tactical communications using dynamic routing
  • Fully secure with AES 256 encryption
  • High resistance to jamming and a low probability of detection/intercept
  • Excellent Doppler and multipath interference immunity
  • EnHCDR and its predecessors are deployed with 11 NATO countries
  • Highly spectral efficient 4 or 0.6 MHz wide frequency occupancy
  • OFDM waveform
  • Unicast or multicast IP capability

Voice and Data Features

  • Provides users with robust wide band voice and data communications
  • Highly secure system with built in encryption
  • Enables commanders secure conference calls
  • Provides backbone communication link between all main and forward operating bases
  • Delivers simultaneous voice and data with full motion video
  • Enables ship to ship and ship to shore voice and data capability
  • Simple to integrate with other OSPF IP systems
  • Enables interoperability with joint coalitions, UN and civil communications services

EnHCDR Overview:

  • Backbone of the Centaur tactical communications system
  • Intelligent, self-managing ad hoc network
  • Mobile tactical communications using dynamic routing
  • Fully secure with both Type 1 and 3 encryption (AES 256 bit)
  • Reduced susceptibility to jamming with low probability of detection or intercept
  • Excellent multipath interference immunity
  • The Exelis EnHCDR and its predecessors are deployed with 11 NATO countries
  • Highly spectral efficient 4 MHz wide frequency occupancy spread spectrum
  • Unicast or multicast IP capability

Data on the Move:

  • Facilitates the rapid transfer of situation awareness information
  • Embedded IP router/gateway enabling internet on-the-move
  • Adaptive transmission power and channel data rate with forward error correction
  • No fixed infrastructure required
  • High user throughput with low latency
  • Open architecture IP data networking
  • Messaging on-the-move with most C2 messaging software
  • Supports Voice over IP (VOIP) communications with Quality of Service (QoS)

Ease of Use:

  • Standard IP data connectivity with either commercial or military plug and play hardware
  • Minimal training required
  • Automatically scales from small to large networks
  • Robust, reliable and combat-proven
  • Highly capable in a fast changing mobile deployment providing connectivity on-the-move


Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 194 mm x 411 mm x 297 mm
  • Weight: 14 kg

System Characteristics

  • Frequency range: 225 to 450 MHz
  • Power output: Adaptive up to 20 W
  • User data rate: Up to 8 Mbps network, Point-to-point data rate > 2.5 mbps
  • Embedded COMSEC: AES 256
  • Embedded TRANSEC: Yes
  • Spectral occupancy: 4 MHz @ - 40 dBc
  • Operational temperature: -35°C to +71°C including solar loading
  • Storage temperature: -55°C to +71°C including solar
  • Environmental: Def Stan 00-35
  • EMC: Def Stan 59-41
  • Power: 24 volt vehicle
  • Reliability: (MTBF) >3500 hours
  • Maintainability (MTTR):
    • (MTTR) Remove and replace <15 minutes
    • No preventative maintenance or adjustments
  • Test: Full Built-in-Test (BIT) fault isolation



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