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Geospatial imagery is increasingly used in diverse applications as it provides up-to-date, accurate information about geographic areas of interest. To meet the growing need for information, there are more imagery sensors available today than ever before.

Software tools are needed to effectively exploit the number growing geospatial assets—advanced technology that allows you to make better decisions using all of the critical information your imagery contains.

The ENVI® family of geospatial software enables your organization to make more informed decisions using information extracted from geospatial imagery, including panchromatic, multi- and hyperspectral, LiDAR and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). ENVI tools are based on proven scientific methods, and are designed to perform highly specialized tasks, from rigorous orthorectification and feature extraction to atmospheric correction and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) extraction.

And, like all Geospatial Intelligence Solutions from Exelis, the ENVI platform is a flexible, integral component of your entire geospatial workflow, allowing you to adapt to future problems without having to reinvest in or rebuild infrastructure.


ENVI solutions provide multi-INT fusion with ENVI LiDAR and other ENVI components, such as ENVI SARscape and full integration with ArcGIS® from Esri® for Intel/Map product generation, so you can make more informed decisions using all the information available to you with one easy tool.


Regardless of the image format used, ENVI has the latest image processing and analysis tools to help extract meaningful information from imagery. ENVI offers a complete suite of image analysis tools—all in one software package, eliminating the need to invest in several programs to get the job done.

Now, everyone from command and control to the edge can easily create geospatial products to aid in decision making.

So whether determining the extent of damage caused by natural disasters, identifying the location of concealed targets, or measuring forest health, ENVI products will save your resources critical time. You’ll get accurate, scientifically proven results in the form of step-by-step workflows that easily guide you through advanced image analysis tasks, regardless of experience level.


ENVI delivers a cloud-based solution to the entire organization, so everyone has the online, on-demand access needed to use geospatial imagery and advanced analytics for improved decision making.

ENVI Services Engine makes imagery and analysis tools available on field devices — including mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks — creating collaboration between distributed users everywhere, regardless of their location.

It will work seamlessly with existing architecture, such as ArcGIS® Server, or a custom architecture Exelis can build or installs.

Implemented on its own, seamlessly integrated with Jagwire from Exelis, or combined with custom consulting services for unique needs, ENVI Services Engine provides the enterprise-wide solution needed to make better decisions.


Exelis Visual Information Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exelis and part of Geospatial Systems, provides integrated software solutions that scientists, defense and intelligence professionals, GIS users, researchers, and medical professionals rely upon to turn complex data into useful information. Our 150,000 customers from over 80 countries use IDL, ENVI and IAS to analyze data and imagery, to deliver information to remote locations, and to deploy commercial applications.

Exelis VIS solutions are used in a variety of industries, including GIS, defense and intelligence, earth and space sciences, medical imaging, oil and gas exploration and biotechnology. Combined with a host of support services including training, consulting and technical support, Exelis offers the most complete data visualization and image analysis solutions available.

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