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Communications Management System 7

Communications Management System 7 (CMS 7) allow users to construct and populate network architecture for a communications plan.

Providing solutions for planning and managing tactical networks – from small deployments of communications equipment to larger data management networks.

On the modern battlefield, communications planning is a must for commanders who want to turn their combat net radios into an integrated command and control system. Our CMS 7 gives those commanders the software they need to create such a system using a standard laptop or desktop computer with a windows-driven menu.

CMS 7 graphically based software system makes frequency assignments, generates security keys and establishes whole nets across the battlespace. Most importantly, the system generates an entire range of reporting capabilities, including the signal operating instructions. CMS 7 is part of the Exelis e-battlespace® solutions that allow communications to become part of a commander’s strategy to see first, act first and finish decisively on the battlefield.

Key Features


  • Personal Computer (PC), running Windows XP®
  • Fill Device
  • Cables
  • Software
  • User Manuals

Customization – CMS 7 can be tailored to provide displays and printed output in a country’s native language. CMS 7 allows a bilingual operator to generate matching signal instruction reports in either language.

System Support At Three Levels

  • Basic System for Small Deployment of Radios (Core)
    • Planning and generation of communications information (crypto keys, single channel frequencies, hopsets)
    • Reporting capabilities
  • Tailored System for Larger Deployment of Radios (Full) – the Basic System including the following:
    • Cosite analysis
    • Compromise recovery
    • Communications-Electronics Operating Instructions (CEOI)
    • Communications equipment asset management for multiple radio types
    • Advanced capabilities tailored to specific user needs
    • Platforms for grouping equipment and net member
  • Data Management System
    • Data planning, distribution, and management for tactical communications
    • Initial network configuration and functionality to send and receive information related to tactical comms needs

Training – Training in Communications Management Theory (frequency/key selection, security, distribution methods) and equipment use (hardware operation, software options, network setup) provides sufficient information to effectively use CMS.

Analysis Capabilities – CMS is easy to use with its Windows-based menus and color graphics. The system enables the user to display net structures and easily access and edit stored plan information. CMS also provides pictorial printouts for all nets. In addition, it provides reports on communication assets, audit trails, key and frequency assignments, net member information, and equipment distribution. Cosite analysis and compromise recovery capabilities are also provided.

Other Feature and Benefits

  • Generates fill for Exelis SINCGARS
  • A single system for key, frequency, network and distribution management
  • Password security
  • Purge database capability
  • Printer interface support
  • Data transfer to other Exelis CMS 7 systems
  • Backwards compatible with older versions of CMS, legacy radios, and fill devices
  • CMS supports a variety of communications assets; additional asset management capabilities can be expanded to meet specific customer needs.
  • Integrated, automated planning can be accomplished for up to 16,000 elements. Plan capacity can be expanded or contracted to meet specific customer requirements.

Network Management

CMS 7 facilitates allocating communications assets, linking users, and planning initial, active, and contingency networks to:

  • Identify communication links between SINCGARS radios requiring frequencies and keys
  • Assign net members and equipment and display the resulting network structure
  • Update/refine information and replan as necessary throughout mission planning
  • Verify interoperability of equipment assigned to a network and plan for different deployment scenarios
  • Support multiple plans

Frequency Management

CMS 7 allows the user to better utilize the RF spectrum and thereby reduce frequency interference and conflicts. These functions facilitate reconfiguring frequency plans based on battlefield conditions and managing frequency allocations, allotments, restrictions and assignments. As part of its planning function, CMS 7 permits matching frequency assignments with current and future deployment scenarios and enables the user to:

  • Manage and assign Single Channel (SC) and Frequency Hopping (FH)
  • Generate and manage hopsets and lockouts for FH nets automatically
  • Perform cosite analysis as part of the frequency management process

Key/Crypto Management

Through CMS 7, the user can generate keys, obtain a record of their distribution, ensure that correct key types are assigned, and verify that planned COMSEC equipment is interoperable. Key management security doctrine is implemented by performing essential communication planning activities. The user is able to:

  • Verify interoperability of communication security equipment
  • Provide organized, secure, and prompt distribution of keys to communication equipment
  • Create a plan for key supersession (switchover) management
  • Record audit information automatically during information loading, receiving, and transferring
  • Provide compromise recovery capabilities

Distribution Management

Distribution management functions allow concurrent distribution of initial keys and frequencies within a hierarchical structure, enabling the user to:

  • Determine available resource and distribution paths
  • Design a distribution plan to route required information efficiently
  • Identify routing problems automatically, select new paths and reassign equipment as necessary