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Centaur® Secure Public Safety Radio - HF Vehicular

The HF Vehicular version of the Centaur Secure Public Safety Radio or Centaur SPSR-HV1 provides high power Single Sideband (SSB) or Continuous Wave (CW) output, Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) versatility, and adaptability for long-distance communication application.

A rugged design, complemented with crisp, clean, secure speech, form the core of this highly-capable radio. An advanced AES-256 module provides high grade digital security. A data interface port and a GPS receiver data input are standard. A 1000 Watt amplifier is available as an option. Frequencies and operating modes may be programmed into any of the 200 memories available, or users may operate off the Variable Frequency Oscillator (VFO) directly. Programmable keys are provided for one-touch user operation.



  • Frequency Range: 2 - 30 MHz
  • Channels: Variable frequency oscillator operation across band
  • Presets: 200 memories in 5 banks
  • Data Interface: Common data interface on rear of radio
  • Operations: First responders, close protection, police, security forces, disaster relief
  • Vehicle Power: 12V dc nominal

Operating Modes

  • Single Channel: Clear or secure (AES-256) speech
  • Operational modes: J3E, J2B, A1A, A3E
  • Automatic Link Establishment: ALE / ARQ
  • Over the Air (OTA) Re-Keying: Re-key your radio over the air

Transmitter Characteristics

  • Power Output: 100 / 125 Watts

Receiver Characteristics

  • Receiver Sensitivity 10dB SINAD: 0.16μV (-123dBm)
  • Audio Output: 2.2W into 4Ω Internal Speaker at <5%; total harmonic distortion 12W into 8Ω external speaker at <5%; total harmonic distortion


  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Testing: MIL-STD-810 / IP20


  • Secure Speech Encryption: AES-256 with user-controlled key dual-use export, Wassenaar classification 5A002.a.1.a

Physical Characteristics

  • Size: 241 mm wide x 99 mm high x 285 mm long
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Display: Multi-language, back-lit, alpha-numeric display

Accessories / Options

  • Antenna: HF band horizontal dipole, Inverted vee or HF whip
  • External Microphone: Standard fist microphone, DTMF fist microphone or desk microphone
  • Internal Speaker: Fitted as standard
  • External Speaker: Optional external speaker
  • GPS Capability: A separate self-contained GPS receiver outputting serial data to the 15-way D connector on the rear panel
  • Linear Amplifier: VL-1000 for 1kW RF output optionally available

Specfications are subject to change without notice.​

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