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Cartridge Actuated Multiple Carriage - MIL-STD-1760

BRU-55A/A – Smart Twin Store Carrier

Exelis BRU-55/A Smart Rack doubles the number of MIL-STD-1760 smart weapons that can be carried on tactical strike aircraft such as the F/A-18 C-F. This is accomplished with no modification to aircraft wiring. The electronic control assembly installed within the nose and tail fairings of the F/A-18’s Canted Vertical Ejector Rack (CVER) provides a class II ‘1760 interface to the aircraft and one -1760 class II interface to each of the two weapons carried on the CVER.

Digital communications to the weapons on the BRU-55/A are passively coupled to the aircraft MIL-STD-1553 data bus thereby minimizing updates to the aircraft Operational Flight Program (OFP).


  • Doubles smart weapons load out on aircraft parent station.
  • Carries two 500 and 1000 lb class weapons.
  • ‘1760 interface to BRU-55 and two JDAM 82’s fully tested in F/A-18C/D & E/F lab and flight environment.
  • Backward compatible with legacy BRU-33A/A weapons.
  • Successfully completed full environmental test series to F/A-18 levels.
  • Demonstrated Mean Time Between Failure of 3200 hours.
  • Air Force variant, the BRU-57, currently in production for use on USAF F-16.
MIL-STD-1760 Class II Signals​ DAC4010 Ejector Function​
  • 28 VDC 1 (10 Amps per Store Available)
  • 28 VDC 2
  • 115 VAC 3-Phase
  • High Bandwidth 1 & 3
  • Low Bandwidth
  • Release Consent
  • Address Lines
  • Interlock​
  • Cartridges
  • Electronic Bomb Fuzing
  • Store Sensing
  • Nose & Tail Arming


BRU-57 – Smart Twin Store Carrier

The MIL-STD-1760 multiple carriage bomb rack effectively doubles the number of smart weapons that can be carried by tactical strike aircraft such as the F-16. This is accomplished with minimal impact to the aircraft’s Operational Flight Program and with no modification to aircraft hardware. Exelis patented electronics are installed in the BRU-57 fairings to enable the carriage to carry a wide array of precision-guided munitions such as JSOW, JDAM and WCMD.

At the heart of the system is an innovative and patented Bus Buffer Assembly that permits the aircraft to communicate with the carried weapons as if they are electrically connected directly to the aircraft’s main data bus. The BRU-57 uses two Exelis USAF BRU-46/A ejector racks.

The BRU-57 has been fully flight qualified for use on F-16s and is currently fielded. It is qualified to MIL-STD-7743, MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD 461/462.

MIL-STD-1760 Class II Signals​ BRU-46/A Ejector Signals Implemented​
  • Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 Communications
  • Audio
  • 115 Vac, 3-Phase
  • High Bandwidth 1 (GPS) & 3
  • 28 Vdc 1 (10 Amps per Store Available)
  • 28 Vdc 2
  • Address Lines
  • Connector Mated Status
  • Structure Ground
  • Release Consent ​
  • Dual Cartridges
  • Store Sensing
  • Arming Units

115 Vac to 28  Vdcpower converter provides clean 28 Vdc power to carried weapons

Transparent to weapons

More than 400 units fielded​



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