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Precision Structures - Materials & Processes

Exelis Precision Structures leverages an extensive database of material properties and process knowledge to support specific characterization and material analysis needs. Beyond the ability to produce the finest composite parts and assemblies, Exelis has the in-house capability to test and analyze these materials and structures to validate design and predict performance.

Capabilities include:
• Processing of Cyanate Esters, Cyanate Siloxanes, Epoxies and Bismaleimides
• Handling of low-to-high modulus reinforcements
• Metallography/Materialography
• Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
• Prohibited materials testing
• Scanning electron microscopy with chemical detection
• CTE/CME testing
• Electrical properties
• EMI Testing
• XRF/X-Ray


Monica Rommel
Exelis Precision Structures
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