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1.8KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

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​The Exelis pure sine wave inverter/charger system is designed with advanced power electronic and digital signal processor technology offering the following features:

• Self diagnosing microprocessor
• Can be used in parallel with the AC grid
• Battery charger current 100A max. (20 ~ 100A selectable)
• Pure sine wave output to operate sensitive electronic equipment
• Built in 25A rated bypass switch
• Power sharing functions
• Intelligent software for power management
• Hard-wire connection model available
• Loading and temperature controlled cooling fan
• Fan aging, failure, disconnection and blockage alarm
• Local and remote management and control
• RS-232 and CAN Bus communication
• CAN Bus LCD remote control panel

Advanced protection features: DC input over/under voltage protection, Internal over temperature, battery over temperature and heat sink over temperature, DC input reverse polarity protection (Fuse), Inverter AC output overload protection, Inverter AC output short circuit protection, AC input short circuit protection: Breaker (30Amp) AC input under voltage protection


Exelis Power Solutions
11 Interstate Drive
West Springfield, MA 01089
800-442-4334 toll free


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1.8KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger