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The Power of Ingenuity

The Moment is Here.

For the first time in our storied existence, we are a standalone company solely focused on meeting the fast-evolving needs of military, government and commercial customers around the world. We accomplished extraordinary things as ITT Defense, part of ITT Corporation, and earned a reputation as a valued, premier provider of mission-critical solutions. That will always be part of our DNA, but it is definitely a new day.
Stepping out from under the multi-industry umbrella, Exelis is more agile, more attuned to market opportunities and better able to provide advanced technologies and services to combat everything from computer hackers to radio-controlled roadside bombs and recurrent brain cancer cells.We're a company on the rise, with an eye on next generation innovations in critical networks, ISR and analytics, electronic warfare and composite aerostructures. Building on our foundation of expertise and ingenuity, we're set to achieve new levels of excellence and open up a world of possibilities for our customers.

We Run on Brainpower.

Exelis is powered by ingenuity, which is the hallmark of our business, products and people. In this transformative era of geopolitics and technological change, speed and forward thinking are vital. With smart people, agility and a record of delivering fast-fielding, affordable and advanced solutions, Exelis is the right company for the times and for the mission ahead.


We Have It Covered.

Exelis has a global presence and an expanding international profile. We are everywhere our military, government and commercial customers need to be.

Our Technologies Go to Extremes.

Exelis provides mission-critical, next generation solutions for the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance market. At Exelis, we build advanced technologies that perform flawlessly whether they are far above the earth or in the middle of a ground-based firefight. Our product portfolio is closely aligned with the growing C4ISR market segment. We give customers the ability to do more in the areas of C4ISR.


Our Experts Handle the Tough Jobs.

Exelis people provide vital support on some of the most sophisticated and demanding assignments. For many customers, the benefit of teaming with Exelis is gaining access to the insights, ideas, skills and talents of our workforce.

We Have What It Takes.

The Exelis team has an expeditionary spirit and a core philosophy that guides us forward. At Exelis, our workplace culture encourages a spirit of adventure and encompasses a can-do attitude. Our leadership team has an average of 20 years of experience in the defense and aerospace industry, and many of our 10,000 employees are leaders in their fields. Across our enterprise, we live our values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity. We know who we are and where we are going, and our military, government and commercial customers know it, too.

Racing into the Future.

Exelis is poised for growth and set to deliver more leading-edge solutions to our customers. Nothing excites our Exelis team more than a new frontier. Our company pioneered modern air traffic control system, introduced GPS into our lives, made the moon landing possible and made night vision a reality. For our military, aerospace, government and commercial customers the rules are changing, and ‚ÄčExelis has broken out on its own to help navigate the way.