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Sonar and Acoustic Systems

For more than 60 years Exelis has been a supplier of undersea warfare systems to the U.S. Navy and allied Navys worldwide. 
We produce a broad range of systems for maritime platforms and environments including: Naval Command and Control systems, Sonar Systems, Data Link Systems and acoustic sensors for military and commercial uses. 
Capitalizing on its unique capability to produce highly engineered piezo electric devices, Exelis has developed innovative applications of this to address emerging energy harvesting needs as well as revolutionary cancer treatment options.

Sonar and Communication Systems 

Exelis unique personnel teams and world-class facility have the complete design, engineering, manufacturing, test and field service capability to successfully address underwater acoustic program needs. 

Transducers and arrays developed and produced at Exelis Acoustic Systems include a wide range of submarine and surface ship applications for passive and active anti-submarine warfare (ASW), ASW training, underwater communications, and depth sounding. Platforms equipped with Exelis systems include all U.S. Navy Class submarines, international diesel and electric submarines and numerous world navies surface combatants. 


Exelis is the largest U.S. developer and producer of specialty piezoelectric ceramic-based products.
Our vertically integrated facility and industry leading technical staff can provide engineered solutions for your applications.
Exelis manufactures a broad range of uniform, fine grain, high density, high performance piezoelectric ceramic powder formulations. 

Value-Added Assemblies

Exelis Acoustic Systems produces value-added products, from simple wired piezo ceramic to complex actuator and electronic assemblies, sensors and transducers.

Oil and Natural Gas 

Exelis takes pride in providing robust components for harsh environments. Our extensive engineering capability has and continues to provide successful components used in the most demanding environments that lie beneath the earth’s surface and down to the ocean floor. Products provided to the industry include sensors, stacked actuators, and ceramic shapes that are used in many areas and applications like down-hole wells, seismic components, acoustic monitoring, and test transducers. 

Medical Applications 

When the needs are critical and repeatability of an assembly is required, make Exelis part of your component decision. Our engineering and development can provide improvement for existing assemblies and quality new products. Products provided to the industry include: bending elements and stacked actuators for applications like communicators, enunciators, ultrasonic hand tools, cardiac and intravascular components, and ultrasonic therapy. 

Safety and Protection 

Exelis provides products that insure the well being of Emergency Personnel, Military Service Personnel, and Harbor surveillance activity. Our full range of products and engineering expertise are applied because nothing short of success is expected. Areas of use include emergency response components, diver detection, and sonar object detection.



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