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Logistics Support

In collaboration with the Army logistics community, Exelis is improving equipment maintenance processes and regeneration support for tactical and combat vehicles. Our VBLSS "Pit Stop" process ensures that maintenance requirements are successfully met quickly and cost-effectively. We provide combat service and maintenance support on virtually the entire range of U.S. Army equipment and vehicles. Other equipment maintenance support includes: C4ISR communications systems; Depot-level maintenance; facilities maintenance; forward-deployed mobilization infrastructure; force protection; and Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) laboratory support.
At US military installations throughout the world, Exelis provides total base and infrastructure operations and maintenance services, including sustainment operations support, military training exercises support, supply and transportation services, property control, combat equipment warehousing and mobilization, infrastructure support, and force protection.
In addition, Exelis provides forward deployed infrastructure logistics, maintenance, supply chain, and security services at U.S. military and government installations and bases around the world, as well as industry best practices to support combat services 24/7 at worldwide locations. We use an expeditionary approach to multifunctional support services for US military and government agencies providing robust solutions to support all requirements in all corners of the world. Our solutions readily adapt to changing military mission requirements, conditions, situations, and environments. Our integrated and alert support capabilities are imperative to mission success. The ability to bring convergent support in terms of skills, tools, equipment, facilities, communications, force protection, and lean processes can mean the difference between success and failure. Our responsive capabilities, leveraged at the right place and right time, enable rapid mission analysis, focus, and accomplishment.
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