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Electronic Warfare Systems


Customers increasingly turn to Exelis to provide and integrate multi-spectral suite solutions - RF, IR and laser to protect aircraft from battlefield threats.

Sensing & Surveillance

Our Advanced Survivability Solutions provide aircrews with multi-spectral situation awareness and highly accurate threat warning, sensor fusion and countermeasures capabilities.

Electronic Attack

The primary mission for Exelis Electronic Attack System is the suppression of enemy air defenses.

Ground Electronic Warfare

To counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and protect ground forces in asymmetrical environments, our systems are designed to defeat current and emerging IED threats and deny enemy use of selected portions of the radio frequency spectrum.​

Services and Support

For all fielded electronic warfare systems, Exelis provides dedicated, long-term customer support. We offer a comprehensive array of service and support solutions, yet flexible enough to be agile and responsive.


Business Development Contact:
Electronic Systems
Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems
+1 973.284.0123

Media Contact:
Carolyn Camp
Manager, Communications
+1 973.284.5400

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