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GPS Payload, Receiver and Control Systems

​​Our Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) business is a total GPS navigation systems supplier providing high performance, reliable, cost effective GPS payload, receiver and control solutions. We have developed more than 50 GPS satellite payloads that have been on every GPS satellite ever launched and accumulated nearly 700 years of on-orbit life without a single mission-related failure due to our equipment.

Today, new GPS technologies are being developed that will dramatically improve the accuracy and reliability of this global utility under the GPS III program.

The next-generation GPS Operational Control Segment (OCX) will provide command, control and mission support for all current and future GPS satellites.

We are providing the key navigation processing elements and precision monitor station receivers during the current phase of the GPS OCX program that includes advanced anti-jam capabilities, improved system security, accuracy and reliability. GPS OCX will be based on a modern service oriented architecture that will integrate a government and industry open system standard that provides command, control and missions support for all current and future GPS satellites.


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GPS IIF Satellite