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Climate and Environmental Monitoring


​​​​Measuring and predicting weather is critical to help markets such as
  • ​Agriculture: To maximize yields​
  • Forestry: To prevent and control wildfires
  • Utilities: To anticipate demand
  • Weather forecasters: To save lives and property

Monitoring climate is important for long-range planning, for

  • Global carbon cycle understanding
  • Carbon sequestration measurement​
  • Urban plume assessment
  • Oil and gas infrastructure assessment​

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Intelligence Brochure

Exelis builds world-leading active and passive space imagers and sounders, consistently delivering 100% on-orbit mission success for both Geostationary Earth Orbiting (GEO) and Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) systems. Over the past decade, Exelis has expanded to both air and ground sensing and analytics. Key capabilities include:

  • Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI): The only environmental space instrument that provides flexible, custom scanning, configurable while in orbit, enabling simultaneous capture of full hemisphere, regional area, and local event imagery for full forecast context.
  • Infrared Sounding: Using over 2000 infrared spectral channels, a 2200 km swath image is collected and used to created 3-D profiles that are ingested into weather models.
  • Analytics: Exelis has a full portfolio of analytics, including ENVI, IDL, and Helios.
  • LIDAR Offerings: Breakthrough systems have been developed for space, airborne and ground platforms to measure greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and methane.

Using Exelis hyperspectral infrared sensing and calibration techniques, new weather and climate solutions have been designed to provide understanding of carbon dioxide and methane sources and sinks and the underlying carbon cycle.

Exelis can provide the right tools and technologies to deliver the environmental intelligence you need.​​​​​​

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