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Climate and Environmental Monitoring

Since the inception of space-borne meteorology, Exelis was part of the original team working with NASA and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which established the meteorological program in 1965.
Exelis builds sophisticated imaging and sounding space-qualified payload systems and offers extensive knowledge and operational experience in Geostationary Earth Orbiting (GEO) and Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) programs. Our instruments are recognized for their innovation, performance, stability and longevity and have consistently achieved 100% on-orbit mission success.
Today, Exelis offers half a century of experience supplying instruments to NOAA that provides vital information to the US weather service and meteorologists and scientists worldwide to track and predict weather and climate patterns which can be used to help save lives and property.
Once imagery and data is captured, our industry leading software and web-based platform solutions including Helios, IDL and ENVI are used to analyze, visualize and process them. Helios is a ground sensing, analytics and visualization platform.  IDL is a data visualization and analysis platform. These capabilities help scientists, businesses, and government entities worldwide get more information from their meteorological data, climate data, and images.
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