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Airborne Remote Sensing Systems

​Mission and Workflow Management

As the nation fields new, more sophisticated information gathering systems, users are confronted with an assortment of collection and production integration and management issues. Exelis has decades of experience and a sophisticated suite of tools to help you organize and display information and to optimize collection and processing systems to meet your specific needs.
• Workflow productivity analysis
• Modeling and simulation
• Web-based decision aids

Processing Through Dissemination

The value of an image or other spectral data is enhanced by the quality and quantity of information extracted from it. Exelis offers a complete range of Decision Support solutions that will help you manage, exploit, analyze, visualize, interpret, and disseminate images or data allowing you to take quicker, more effective action. Our solutions include:
• Multi-INT processing, visualization and analysis solutions, tools, and components
• Systems integration products and services
• Quality and assurance and validation techniques
• Dissemination solutions


Support Services

With Exelis, you always have the support you need with services that include product procurement, services management, training and maintenance, and system refurbishment.

Flight Services

Exelis offers airborne flight services for advanced technology test bed, GIS demos and CONOPS development. We offer design, modeling and prototyping expertise and technologies, as well as environmental accreditation testing facilities. With our Cessna 208B certified experimental aircraft, we offer a full-spectrum of capabilities to design, fly and demonstrate your next project.


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