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Work at Mission Systems


Fort Rucker Careers

Transportation, supply and maintenance to the Directorate of Logistics

IT and Network Communication Careers

Operations, Maintenance and Defense of Army Communications in Southwest Asia and Central Asia (OMDAC-SWACA)

Logistics Careers

Army Prepositioned Stock 5 (APS-5)


Working Overseas

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We operate advanced military computer networks in the desert, maintain the vehicles that provide our troops with mobility on the battlefield and deliver a wide variety of other mission critical support services ranging from power generation and facilities management to emergency services around the world. Our overseas teams include skilled employees in fields as diverse as accounting, HR, safety, management, maintenance, operations and more. Overseas employees need to be highly adaptable, able to deal with conditions that may be far different from those at home and motivated to succeed.

The rewards of working overseas are great as well. Because overseas contracts are constantly changing, there are often opportunities to learn new skills and advance your career. Employees are also attracted to the chance to serve our country, reach financial goals and enjoy substantial IRS tax-exempt benefits, work with people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds, and explore interesting tourist destinations in locations such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia during time off. Choosing an international career offers you the opportunity to gain a wealth of career knowledge and global experience. 

Who We Are

The experienced and innovative professionals at Exelis Mission Systems deliver a broad range of communications, systems integration, facilities operations, sustainment, engineering, logistics, and maintenance solutions for military, commercial and Government agency customers. Our global workforce – both in the United States as well as overseas – provides a can-do approach and more than 60 years of industry experience.

photo - Steven Benjamin

Steven Benjamin
Systems Administrator
Exelis gives me real hands-on experience working on one of the largest systems in the world.

photo - Dynshea Stitts

Dynshea Stitts
ROC Retrograde
I work for Exelis because they treat their employees extremely well.

Working in Kuwait

An employee’s perspective from one of our locations.